ARS510 Hydraulic Puller

The ARS510, an overhead or underground puller, offers 15,750 lbf (70 kN) of pulling force and is designed for stringing one rope up to 5/8 inch (16 mm) in diameter. The bull-wheel grooves on the ARS510 are made from heat treated steel.

Part Number: 21001496
DOT: 21033720

Negative Brake - ARS510 Hydraulic Puller
ARS510 Hydraulic Puller
Pulling Rope Clamp - ARS510 Hydraulic Puller
ARS510 Control Panel
Tool Circuit - ARS510 Hydraulic Puller
ARS510 Hydraulic Underground/Overhead Puller
ARS510 Hydraulic Underground/Overhead Puller


Puller Performance
Max pull 15,750 lbf (70 kN)
Speed at max pull 1.1 mph (1.8 km/h)
Max speed 2.5 mph (4 km/h)
Pull at max speed 7,200 lbf (32 kN)
Note: the basic machine performance is calculated at 68°F (20°C) and at sea level
Bull-wheel diameter 15 3/4 in (400 mm)
Max rope diameter 5/8 in (16 mm)
Weight 4,630 lbs (2100 kg)

Diesel 81 hp (60 kW)
Cooling system water
Electrical system 12 V
Hydraulic Transmission
Closed hydraulic circuit for stepless speed variation in both rotating directions.
General Specifications - DOT
Net Weight (Excluding weight of pulling rope) 7,600 lbs (3,450 kg)
Overall Length 186 in (4,725 mm)
Overall Width 79 in (2,010 mm)
Height 80 in (2,030 mm)