PT1250 Hydraulic Puller-Tensioner

The PT1250 offers 11,240 lbf (50 kN) of pulling or tensioning capacity and is designed for stringing one rope or one conductor. The bull-wheel grooves on the PT1250 are made from high resistance interchangeable nylon sectors. The PT1250 features a new digital interface with automatic power management and full safety controls.

Part Number: 21035300 with the DOT trailer

PT1250 Hydraulic Puller-Tensioner


Puller Performance
Max Pull 11,240 lbf (50 kN)
Speed at max pull .9 mph (1,5 km/h)
Max Speed 3.1 mph (5 km/h)
Pull at max speed 3,597 lbf (16 kN)
Note: the basic machine performance is calculated at 68°F (20°C) and at sea level
Bull-wheel diameter 59 in (1,500 mm)
Max conductor/rope diameter 1 5/8 in (42 mm)
Net Weight 9,700 lbs (4,400 kg)
Number of grooves 6

Diesel 74 hp (55,4 kW)
Emission Level tier 4f/Stage IIIIB
Cooling system water
Electrical system 12 V
Hydraulic Transmission
Closed hydraulic with a pull presetting system that automatically adjusts pulling speed.